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WordPress is an effective solution to make cutting-edge websites of any type for your business.

I position myself as a Web Designer and work with Elementor Plugin. The Elementor website builder lets WordPress users create and edit websites.

A having website is a crucial part of your business.

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Why website is important for your business?

Nowadays if somebody wants to find a product or service they go to find you on Google. If your website isn’t on Google, you lose customers. Customers today expect serious business owners to have an online presence.

The website is the face of your company. You can run your business on Instagram, Facebook, or somewhere else but will be it professional and convenient to use for your clients?

Website is how you show your business. It’s a place where you can show your business in many aspects. Many clients are seeing the website first and then decide if they want to cooperate with you.

The presence of the website underlines your professionalism and seriousness of intention to cooperate.

A well-designed, informative, and updated website will add credibility to your business and strengthen your brand.

Website is important for marketing strategy. Having a website is a wide pool of detailed statistics that every other platform can’t present.

What are the edges to having a website on the WordPress platform?

It’s a wide range of functionality that provides to make the website unique, attractive, and well-designed.

WordPress is convenient and simple to use for a developer and for customers. When a customer wants to change something on the website, in the future it will be easy for both sides.

WordPress provides many marketing tools that make the website professional and will power your business significantly.

Great customer support. They love their customers and are always ready to fix any issue fast. I am a client of the WordPress and I know what I recommend.

For who is worth ordering website?

You have a company, probably your business is running well but you think you need a website to visualize your business and improve its other aspects. You need a website.

You are an entrepreneur, you have an amazing idea, you want to present and visualize your idea, but the first serious step is to make a website that allows you to start your business faster. You need a website.

You have an old website, you need a new solution to fix, redesign and maintain your website. You are looking for a web designer who makes your website in a modern format. 

What service do I do?

The website from Zero

– Writing a technical task
– Dividing the project to separate stages
– Defining a time
– The website will be created

Part jobs

– Redesign the web pages or create new pages
– Adding goods to an E-Commerce
– Make a basic SEO
– Make different settings

What type of websites do I create?

Creating a website is a multitasking process that takes time. It’s a job that requires effort, perseverance, and special talent. That service has a price but the results and future presence of your website will help your business a lot. So, if you decided to make a website I will be happy to implement your big plan!

To develop a website for you we will follow 5 main stages.

Step 1

Acquaintance and filling the brief

I will be happy to get acquainted with you, the new achievement is waiting for us ahead. If you decided to make a website for your business probably you already have some imagination about how you want to see your website (headlines, images, texts, and other content). To simplify your thinking about how you want to see your website, I will send you a brief with questions where you can add all your thoughts and requirements for your website. Also, the brief can help to determine the price and time of developing a website. Without a brief, it’s difficult to continue the work.

Step 2

Consideration of your brief, the determination of the price and time development 

I start to learn your ready brief and estimate the price and time of developing your website. If need some help and recommendation about some of your points I will be happy to assist in this as well.

Step 3

The development of your website

It’s time to send me your materials to add them to your website. Then I start to make outlines of your project. To make the website we need to have active communication (recommendations, fixing mistakes, checking adaptiveness, and other details) it will help us to create a website faster and more effectively.

Step 4

The website is ready and can be presented to you

When a website is ready we do deep checking by following a checklist of what needs to be done or fixed.

Step 5

The future of your website

You use your website, it’s working well, and it’s the main online platform where you operate with many of your clients. But one time you want to do some changes to your website (headlines, texts, images, or add new materials). What to do? If you understand the functionality of WordPress and Elementor you can do some changes yourself or you can connect with me or any specialist who is capable to do some changes to your website.

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