Terms of Use

This User Agreement, hereinafter referred to as the “Agreement” for short, serves to directly regulate the use of the capabilities of the Internet resource, hereinafter referred to as the “Site”. It also refers to the provision of services by the Contractor, who is the owner of the Site and the Customer on the other hand, who is a client and can be both an individual and a legal entity. The Customer accepts the provisions of this Agreement in its entirety and unconditionally. The Contractor and the Customer are referred to as the “Parties” and their relationship, like this Agreement itself, is governed by the current legislation of the country.


This Agreement uses the following terms and key definitions:

The Owner’s Website is an active Internet resource hosted in a domain that belongs to the Website owner, as well as in his own subdomains.

Agreement – this document, with all its clauses and provisions.

Site Representative or Administration – a person who has been officially authorized by the Owner to perform the operations provided for by the provisions of this document.

Visitor – any person who has accessed the Site and uses the information or properties provided on it.

User – an individual who voluntarily joined this Agreement in order to follow their own interests or in the interests of third parties, including legal ones.

The Site offered to Users contains information, as well as various materials related to goods and services provided. All of them can be further provided by the Site Owner directly to the User, in the event that he wishes the Agreement in accordance with all legal requirements.

Intellectual property

All objects located on the Site, including graphics, design elements, texts, software and other content, belong exclusively to the Site and are transferred to the User solely for functional use. Copying of the Site and its elements, decompilation, modification and distribution or demonstration can be made only if it is provided for by the contractual relationship between the Site Owner and the User. All other uses of the materials are illegal and may be prosecuted in accordance with the law.


The Owner and Administration of the Site have the right to inform the user about various events by sending messages to the email address, page in the social. networks or a phone number that were voluntarily indicated during registration on the Site. These notices may concern both the events of the Site and the persons whose interests it represents.


The Agreement presented here may be governed and construed solely within the framework of the provisions of the law that govern the protection of personal and corporate data. Any issues that are not described in this Agreement are resolved separately, in accordance with the laws of the country.

If for any reason one or more of the provisions described in this Agreement are invalid, then this does not cancel the validity of the remaining provisions, which shall continue in full force and effect.

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